Be on the lookout for an upcoming post on “How To Know You’re Ready to Make a Move.” In the meantime, if you’re looking for new efficiency with established appeal in the Fort Worth area, check out Westover Acres!

Skyline Ranch:

Affordable and accessible. We are launching into this latest phase at Skyline Ranch and not looking back. Interested in living in a new Clarity Home? Explore Skyline Ranch!

New V. OLD:

All You Need To Know

We are in a fixer upper society. Yes, there is a time and place for a remodel job. Yet, new home sales¬†continue to soar. The demand is undeniable and the numbers don’t lie- in a DIY culture, new construction continues to dominate. Consider the headache that is saved when you make the move to a new construction home:

CLEANLINESS: When you buy new you bypass mold, termite damage, outdated colors, tiles, hardware, and costly A/C unit replacements. Not to mention, new toilets!

CUSTOMIZE: Your home should reflect you. When building new, you get to choose elements to reflect your lifestyle and families’ needs. No remodel necessary! A blank slate you create and customize affordably!

COST SAVINGS: New energy efficient windows create a cost savings as older windows allow out seeping air. Insulation helps reduce energy cost. Your appliances have a warranty when you buy new- with the potential of saving you hundreds of dollars.

CONNECTED: Clarity Homes are Smart-meaning they allow you instant access to features that simplify and expedite your life. The interconnectedness is built in. Older homes require re-wiring and updating-a headache and time drain.