As a TCU alum and native Fort Worthian, Caroline joined the Clarity Homes team in 2015. Driven by her love to see people cared for and appreciation of beautiful homes, Caroline found herself in her dream job with an amazing company. Marketing and sales for Clarity Homes have grown to be two of Caroline’s greatest passions, as she loves to unite people in Fort Worth. If Caroline isn’t at work, you can find her hiking a Rocky Mountain in Colorado or jogging nature trails around Fort Worth with her border collie, Camille. Caroline is grateful to call Fort Worth home and share it with dear friends and family. She is eager to meet your family and help in anyway!

meet caroline:

>Favorite Home Designer: Marine Flannigan

>Favorite City: Telluride, Colorado

>Favorite Meal in Fort Worth: Pacific Table

>Favorite Clarity Homes Feature: Painted Brick and Tile- I can’t choose. I genuinely love it all. 

>Why Do You Work at Clarity?: “You can get up and work your whole life with no real sense of purpose. For me, if you are following your passions, you are walking out your purpose. The passion that guided Clarity Homes was genuine and palatable for me from the get go. It was exactly what I was looking for in a company: a place to grow, create, and learn about myself and others. The purpose of creating homes that honored clients budgets while providing the best product at the best price was something I could get behind. Purpose guided by deep-seated passion- this is the reason I work at Clarity Homes.”