PLAN designer & design consultant

Jerika Hatch

 Jerika discovered a love for drawing at a very young age. As the daughter of a designer and builder, she remembers sketching homes with her dad as a little girl in his drawing room. This bond led to her passion and enthusiasm for creativity in both construction and design.

Jerika came to Clarity Homes in September of 2015 to combine her love of architecture and interior design. Jerika believes that your home should exude an emotion when you walk through the front door, and that each layout and finish be personal to each lifestyle. With her passion and ability for creating timeless yet affordable interiors and exteriors, Jerika is committed to serving your family by creating environments that are truly yours in your specific budget.


Favorite Home Designer: SO many amazing designers out there… But going to have to go with Jeffery Dungan Architecture and Becki Owens Interiors

Favorite City: Right now, Charleston, South Caroline (But it’s always changing! That’s what’s so fun!)

Favorite Clarity Homes Feature: Mud Lockers… Because everyone needs a good/functional (yet beautiful!) landing space after a long day of work or play!

Why do you work at Clarity Homes: A home is one of the largest purchases we will ever make. I wanted to work for a company that understood this fact, but also understood the significance that a home brings to our lives. These designs we are creating are where people do life. Where they celebrate, rest, and pass down to generations. Clarity Homes understands that a home can be beautiful, functional, and personal, while also staying sensitive to budget and time. I knew working for Clarity, I could not only grow in my craft, but I could also work and learn from a company that is truly dedicated to everything involved when designing and building.