Better well-being is getting a boost at Clarity Homes- the latest worksite to join the movement. Blue Zones Project is a community-led well-being improvement initiative working to make Fort Worth one of the nation’s healthiest cities- with principles based on lifestyles in the world’s Blue Zones areas, where people are most likely to reach age 100 and beyond.

>Over 25% of Clarity Homes employees have taken the Blue Zones Personal Pledge to improve their own well-being.


We at Clarity Homes are committed to holistic living and build home that stand in support of the heath-focused mission of Blue Zones. Joining the city-wide Fort Worth initiative to take ownership of health to secure a better tomorrow is one of the primary reasons, Clarity Homes chose to become Blue Zones approved. Wellness stands at the forefront of all we do and Blue Zones echoes this.



Blue Zones Project┬« is a community-led well-being improvement initiative designed to make the healthy choices easier through permanent changes to a city’s environment, policy, and social networks. Established in 2010, Blue Zones Project is inspired by Dan Buttener, a National Geographic Fellow and New York Times best-selling author who identified five regions of the world- or Blue Zones┬«- with the highest concentration of people living to 100 years or older. Blue Zones Project incorporates Buettner’s findings and works with cities to implement policies and programs that will move a community toward optimal health and well-being. Currently, 42 communities in nine states have joined Blue Zones Project, impacting more than 3.3 million Americans nationwide. The movement includes three beach cities in California; 15 cities in Iowa; Albert Lea, Minnesota; the city of Fort Worth; and communities in Southwest Florida, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. For more information visit