Calling All makers:

Its your time to shine- all Clarity Homes’ residents! This campaign has had much build up as we have been working out specifics to make sure you have access to showcase your style and unique talents. The Maker Movement is changing the game in how we think of talent in relation to resources. 

What is a Maker?:

Simply put, and according to Wikipedia, the Maker Movement is a group movement with an artisan spirit. Of course this word has evolved since getting its start a few years ago. With an emphasis on active learning, and learn as you go and do as you learn, the Makers use the skills they have honed to create opportunities and goods. The Maker Movement embodies one to take passions and see them come to fruition with honed skill sets. 

The Name of the Game: Show Us Your Maker Space

Maker: Top Chef

Calling all Clarity Homes’ residents! This campaign has had much build up as we have been contemplating the best way to showcase your style most effectively.

>When you designed your home, you re-worked the kitchen to maximize storage, spent a little extra in lighting, and upgraded to wall ovens!

>People text you weekly for the recipe of the last dish you brought to a gathering. 

Maker: Matchless Hostess

Calling all Clarity Homes’ residents! This campaign has had much build up as we have been contemplating the best way to showcase your style most effectively. >You can be found at World Market sourcing items in the top shelf clearance racks

>HomeGoods is a weekend must- shamelessly.

>Williams Sonoma is your favorite pastime, just to stop in to see the latest latte maker, electronic stirrer, or cookbook.

>Food Network tops your hobby list.

>You’re the friend who hosts most if not all of your gatherings. It went a second thought to have a formal dining room when you designed your new Clarity Home.


Maker: Wellness Leader

People know you as the “fit girl” and it would be a mistake not to own that title. Commitment and discipline define your every move and you believe that anyone can achieve the life they want with some goal-setting and endurance. Its your passion to call up others and help those get fit and overcome the obstacles they see. You are likely a fitness leader if:

>You have a workout room in your  new home

>If not a workout room, you have space set apart in your living room to life, meditate, and do a crunch here and there

>You can be found at WholeFoods, on your hands and knees, sifting through the latest Protein Powders

>You picked a lot with direct access to nature and trails

>Your home is filled with natural light

Maker: Beauty Consultant

Are you the friend that everyone reaches out to for makeup tips, skincare advice, or the latest thing to try for anti-aging? Do you peruse YouTube to find hacks for all things makeup and hair? Do you sell R + F, BeautyCounter, Monat? You are a Maker- your craft is calling out the beauty within us all. You are likely a Beauty Maker if you:

>Optimized storage in your master bath space.

>Clorox wipes are in every room in your home

>You created a Beauty Room in your home.

>You upgraded lighting to make sure you had what you needed to try all the latest products!


The 411: My Maker Space Contest Rules

Make Your Mark:

The examples above are a drop in the bucket- we want to see your space, your style, and what you are making in your Clarity Home! Is it a killer Kate Spade inspired office space where you craft hand-written words? A perfect kitchen you cook in every night with a glass of Meomi in hand? Is it an expansive garden of fresh veggies where you cultivate wellness? What about a stylish living room that also serves a the place you run you business? We want to see your space and experience your craft.

>Step 1: Take a picture of your space!

>Step 2: Describe your space and what you make.

>Step 3: Tell us what inspires you to do what you do.

>Step 4: Email it to or PM us on Instagram | Use #mymakerspace to showcase your space on social media in the meantime!

Details to Know:

The need to knows:

>Start Date: January 21, 2019

>End Date: Feb 11, 2019

>Up for Grabs: We will share your photo on our profiles

>Winner Takes All: After evaluating all entries, we will pick the top entry and the winner will be awarded $150 to a local hip interior design studio in Fort Worth, TX as well as a meal at Taco Diner!

Questions: Email