From Houses to Homes:

Guatemala is rich in nature and spirit, yet it remain one of the poorest countries to date in Central America. With a passion to aid and bring restoration driven by a belief that community harmony is possible, From Houses to Homes, is changing the game for those in Guatemala. A grassroots organization centered on the power of generosity, hard work, team work, and health, From Houses to Homes, is restoring Guatemala home by home.


Passion With Purpose:

Started by Joe Collins, a man driven to see restoration to the indelible poverty stricken communities in Guatemala, began his journey in 2004 after visiting Guatemala. He started by building one house at a time and to date From Houses to Homes has built over 1,300 homes. Primarily through the commitment of volunteers, this work is being done. Though deceased now, when asked why he did this work, Joe often replied: “Why not?”.

Better Together:

Clarity Homes partners with From Houses to Homes as they build houses and provide medical care and education to encourage and support the community in the improvement of the quality of their lives (