Godley, Texas:

A true taste of Texas, welcome to Godley, TX. This inviting city reminds us all of what matters most in life: community.

Homegrown Community:

Godley, TX offers a respite for all. There is no stranger in this town- people are known, cared for, and matter. Where community raises family, Godley offers what everyone is looking for: real connection. In an increasingly digitalized society, this is a place where business, life, and neighbor are all one. 

IT Just Keeps Getting Better:

It’s no secret that there is much development taking place in this once one-light dairy community. As of late, there is a brand new Palio’s Pizza that just opened up as well as a brand new boutique. All drawing on home-grown roots, these developments a long with many others are bringing even more connection, community, and prosperity to Godley! 

Walk the talk:

Step inside the new Bell Bottoms Blues Boutique, where you can find everything rustic chic, wearable, and fashionable! It’s a must see. 

Godley, Texas:

Meet Terrie Goodloe, a visionary leader who calls Godley home. A local loan officer holding an elected position on the school board position for over 15 years, Terrie lives and breathes Godley, TX. She has raised children, has a family run operation on the rolling hills of Godley, and is here to offer guidance and vision as this town continues to grow and expand.

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Welcome Home:

A peek into the simple life of Timber Creek Estates in our new Southern living inspired model home. 

Godley, Texas:

A true taste of Texas, Godley, TX offers a respite for all. Clarity Homes is building new homes at Timber Creek Estates on 1/2 acre lots. Farmhouse, European, classic cottages- all built for modern lifestyle.