New Build Pros: 

1) You design and build a home that fits your budget and needs 

2) Determine a floor plan, homesite, and selections of your choosing

3) Include elements that are tailored to your lifestyle

4) Hands on focus and time throughout build process

4) Call a new home your own within 4-6 months.


Move-in ready Pros: 

1) Designer sourced and chosen selections and vision

2) Quick close and guarantee to remain on budget

3) Energy-efficiency built in

4) Skip the endless decision making process of function, flow, and budget-like a beautiful ready made meal prepped by a professional chef.

5) Call a new home your own in as little as 30-60 days


Make a Move:

It’s bound happen… you fall in love with an elevation, a floor plan, a kitchen design. So, your new home search accelerates. But, you hit a fork in the road- a seemingly blue pill or red pill moment (anyone else love the Matrix as much as we do?)-do I build my own home or buy a move-in ready home? Don’t worry, though this question can feel weighty, it’s not a blue or red pill moment, because both options have benefits. Let us elaborate.  

Move-In Ready or New Build? 

It depends on 3 key factors: your personality style, personal design preference, and time constraints. Food for thought: when you build your own home its a blank slate you select and design it to reflect your personal style and preferences from our portfolio. You choose the home site location, floor plan, and finishes.

When you choose a move-in ready home, it expedites the whole process- you can close in as little as 30-60 days. A benefit of a move-in ready home built by Clarity Homes is the thoughtful choices made by our award-winning designers. A space to showcase the latest in design elements, move-in ready homes provide spice and efficiency.