Will & Leslie Bannister:

The dynamic duo that launched Clarity Homes over 20 years ago was honored this past Thursday night by FWTX magazine as the Entrepreneurs of Excellence in Residential Construction. Will and Leslie Bannister build new homes throughout DFW. Little did they know 20 years ago that they would have the company they do today-one that spans DFW in over 10 communities and payrolls 20 employees. They accomplished all of this with no blue print. 

Innovating at Each Step:

An example of American entrepreneurship, this husband and wife team have been designing and innovating at each step of the journey. It all began when former horned frog artist and trained marketer, Leslie, met Will, a construction science baseball enthusiast. They created a business merging two key skill sets- the art and science of home building.

Understanding Their Market:

With the right attitude toward work and motivated by the prospect of work, Will and Leslie stand as a sustainable model of entrepreneurship. Single-minded in understanding their market and needs of their clients, 2o years later, they stand as a sustainable model of entrepreneurship.

A Steadfast Mission:

Clarity Homes was started with one goal in  mind: to provide affordable luxury homes in Fort Worth, TX. The Bannisters along with their team provide a straightforward home building process. They design and build homes with efficient materials throughout DFW; to name a few- Fort Worth, Godley, Aledo, Benbrook, Justin, and Denton, TX. They build homes that reflect each client’s personalized style while not breaking the bank. 

Better Together:

Will and Leslie live a focused day in day out- where work and home meet. A true partnership, they know that together they are better. After a fabulous night out at the Cendera Center where they received this honor, they returned home to commemorate this night in true fashion-with their 18 year old son snapping a photo by their entryway piano. For Leslie and Will, celebrating together can mean the execution of a new home design, standing should to shoulder on a stage accepting an award, or getting home after a long day and recalling the highs and lows. Whatever is looks like one thing is certain: these two are better together.

The Future is Bright:

Their homes- their lives- read like a memoir, a recollection of years of hard work. Alongside their four active boys, Will and Leslie own several small businesses operating from Texas to LA to South America. Living by the axiom of work hard play hard, it is not uncommon to see the Bannisters with their boys at the baseball field or polo field after a long day’s work!