Planning a wedding usually means perfecting every little detail to make the day as memorable as possible. At the beginning of 2020, many brides anticipated the best day of their lives, but as COVID-19 took the world by storm, all of their plans seemed to be brought to a halt. 

This was the case for our very own Clarity homeowners John F. “Dos” Dietze Jr. and Maegen Dietze. Maegen and Dos’ original wedding plans consisted of a destination ceremony in Bali and a honeymoon in Thailand, but as you can imagine, quarantine orders changed those plans pretty quickly. When even the courthouses began closing, they knew they needed a plan C.


“When we first came to tour our home after seeing that Clarity was selling their model, Dos immediately saw the vaulted ceilings and beams in the living room and said it reminded him of a chapel. Later, when we were discussing where we should marry for our plan C, Dos and I thought that our beautiful home would be the perfect location! When planning the wedding through March and April, we were still under the stay-at-home order and thought, well, we don’t know how long this will last, so we can just follow the guidelines and stay home.”

While many brides might have been disappointed at the thought of having to cancel their dream wedding and have a private ceremony, Maegen says it ended up being the perfect choice:  “Our wedding day was stress-free and fun, which is what we really wanted. Spending the time alone allowed us to focus on just us, our love, and our commitment to one another. It truly was such a special feeling! We were able to include our family and friends through FaceTime, pictures, and lots of text messages! Friends from my work helped Dos to surprise me with beautiful floral arrangements for the mantel which truly pulled together the entire room, and I am forever grateful for their thoughtfulness.”

“I think what really made our day wonderful was just how relaxed we felt, being at home laughing and enjoying ourselves. We were able to take a quick drive down the street to the Parks of Aledo trails and take pictures outdoors in the fields. So many hidden gems in the neighborhood. After pictures, Dos and I came home to eat cake. We turned on the surround sound in the kitchen with our ‘Celebration Time’ playlist we had made to dance and sing. It was the perfect day!”

Maegan got ready for her big day in the office. “The lighting is perfect because of the French doors!”  She helped her soon-to-be husband put on his cuff links, bow tie, and boutonniere in the master bath, while their bengal kitty, Bishop, watched as they got ready. “The sconces and mirrors are so stunning!”  The stairs in the media room were the perfect spot for Maegan to sit and put on her shoes, earrings & garter, before the ceremony began.

The processional music was played through the surround sound in the office and kitchen, so that Maegan could start her walk down the ‘aisle’ from the top of the stairs. The arch cutouts helped snag some beautiful pictures!

The intimate ceremony was in their living room with their officiant.  Afterwards, they had a sushi dinner and cut cake at the kitchen island.  “We love how spacious the island is and the light fixtures added extra glam to the pictures too.”

The intimate ceremony was in their living room with their officiant.  Afterwards, they had a sushi dinner and cut cake at the kitchen island.  “We love how spacious the island is and the light fixtures added extra glam to the pictures too.”

Outdoor pictures were taken at the Parks of Aledo trails, right around the corner from their house.  “We walk the trails often and it doesn’t feel like we are in the middle of a neighborhood.  The trails transport us to Colorado in our minds. This is one of our favorite parts of the neighborhood!” The newly married couple ended the night by dancing in the kitchen and living room—“it was so nice to come home, kick off our shoes, and just celebrate!”

Of all the spaces that played a part in their big day though, there was one that stood out from the rest:  “Our favorite room was definitely the living room. The beams and vaulted ceiling helped give us the feeling of being inside a wedding chapel. The chandelier light fixture is one of our favorite fixtures in the home and really draws your attention upwards. The light fixtures are just so stunning! We stood in front of the fireplace, which was the focal point of the room allowing us to place florals and candles on the mantel. We kept the decorations to a minimum because the home alone was the perfect background for pictures and to highlight our excitement and love.”

It’s safe to say that this season of life has been clouded by a lot of changes and uncertainty, so it’s important to step back and celebrate these moments that truly make us smile. We were so honored to play a part in the Dietzes’ special day!


Photography: KRae 

Hair and Makeup: Meagan Bechtel – Beauty & Styling 

Bouquet/Boutonniere: TCU Florist Mantel Floral Arrangements: Camellia Farm

FloraDress: Elizabeth Lee Bridal Boutique Cake: Loft22 CakesSushi: Sushi Tao ( –