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1. What should I consider when I am choosing the right builder for me?

Great question! It’s something to think on and consider when looking to build a new home in DFW. Download our checklist below as a guide for determining criteria. To simplify- do you like the style of homes, the people, and the mission of the builder you are considering?

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2. Why Clarity Homes? Does Clarity Homes Remodel too?

 We keep it simple. We started in the business 20 years ago to build a home that works for you-aesthetically, functionally, and efficiently. Driven by design and guided by a love for people, we are committed to doing the job well. From concept to completion, our team walks step by step with you to ensure your home is built with excellence.

We focus on what we are best at- building beautiful homes at affordable price, with that said we do not offer remodeling services at this time!

3. Should I build my own home or new move-in ready home?

Great question. It depends on 3 factors: your personality style, personal design preference, and time constraints. When you build a home of your own- it’s a blank slate, you design it to reflect your personal style and preferences from our portfolio. Your input is taken into account from the get-go: home site location, floor plan chosen, and selections chosen. If you love to be creative & want a go at it and can wait 4-6 months, this would be a good decision for you.

If you need a quicker option, a home executed by a high end designer, and/or don’t want to wait it out, buying a move-in ready home is a great option. Also, if decisions can feel overwhelming in the home arena, then a move-in ready home is the ideal option.

4. What is the construction process? How long is the build time?

The construction process involves four main stages & a fifth of celebration! 6 months.

1. Choose Your Lifestyle: Meet with our sales consultant and claim your lot. Choose a boutique floor plan from our portfolio.

2. Make it Your Own: Choose from our lookbook options to create a home that reflects you.

3. Execute Your Vision: Meet with our expert interior designer to pick the quality elements

4. Connect With Your Team of Experts: Your sales consultant and builder work in tandem to walk through each step with you.

5. Rest & Reflect:Sign off and enjoy newly built boutique smart home.

5. Do I need to get pre-qualified before shopping for a new home?

Don’t sweat it, you don’t need to get pre-qualified before shopping for a new home. Though, it could help you in knowing your budget! It is required when you sign a contract to obtain a pre-qualification letter. That way we know you are good on your word, as are we, and we can get the ball rolling!

6. I am working with a realtor, can they be apart of the transaction?

It is not a requirement to have a realtor to build or buy a Clarity Home, but yes! Clarity Homes welcomes realtors in transactions! Be sure to connect your realtor with our sales consultant so everyone is working toward the same goal from the beginning.

7. Can I make structural changes to my Clarity home?

Yes! You can. Have you heard of our simple promise? We are building a home for you, not for us. With that said, honoring your budget is priority for us.  Scroll below to read it in depth. Our sales consultant will provide more specifics on changes allowed.

8. Can I bring my own appliances, lighting, etc.?

No & here is why: In order for Clarity Homes to properly offer a warranty your home and the features within it, you must use the boutique options we offer in our Look Book! We are confident that you will love our options. You are always welcome to install your own items after closing, though this is not recommended. Our designer and sales consultant can answer specific questions about this!

9. What warranties does Clarity Homes offer?

  • 1 Year Builder Warranty
  • 2 Year Systems Warranty
  • 10 Year Structural Warranty

10. How do I learn about working all the new features in my home?

From start to finish, we are in it with you. You will have a Final Walk Orientation with your builder and sales consultant to review all operations of features, warranty information, and much more!



SKILL: Our award-winning team with 20 years in the business is committed to stewarding your vision from its inception to completion with the utmost detail, respect, and style.

SIMPLIFY: We pull the weight. We ensure that your Clarity Home is complete with the best products at the best price point for you.

SERVICE: We provide a unique approach of in-house experts at each step to ensure your home is built efficiently.

SMART: On the forefront of new home technologies, our team provides access to smart-technologies to save you money and better our planet.


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