Home Design trends:

At Clarity Homes, design matters. It makes all the difference. Inspiration can be in the smallest of details and shouldn’t break the bank. So, we welcome you to the “Grandmillenial Style.”

Now more than ever homeowners are turning towards their grandparents’ design trends to create a level of comfort and style that we may have minimized on in the past.


Grandmillenial style – an ode to “granny chic” where timeless classic designs blend with contemporary pieces to craft a unique and layered look. Think chintz, quilts, and needlepoint…and ornate mirrors, decorative plates and china cabinets. Your grandparents’ taste is actually pretty on-trend.

History comes to life:

Rooms in the grandmillennial design are layered with antiques, yet come to life in the most elaborate and playful way.  The key factor to defining your grandmillennial style would be to find staple pieces that will bring history to life in each and every room of your home.

Layers, Layers, Layers:

Let’s begin with something simple; Traditional rugs are the perfect starting layering piece that you will be able to use for years to come! Antique furniture pieces combined with a colorful oushak rug will surely keep your room light-hearted and comfortable.

Bold & Bright:

Considering being slightly more bold?  Then, you should try blending antique decor with a modern and bright color palette! Something as simple as a colorful couch that bounces off a brightly printed wallpaper will be your staple in grandmillennial design. The idea is to stray from ‘bright and white’ and find yourself immersed in a world of classic color. 


Grandmillennial is not defined by lines and sleek surfaces but rather utilizes ‘nostalgic’ pieces to your advantage! 

Tips & Tricks:

Here are some details to consider; wallpaper, window treatments, and classic dark wood furniture pieces.

Make it Happen:

Now is the perfect time to scour the web and take all the quizzes to define your grand millennial design!




Here to HElp:

Its no secret our homes shine. Design matters, we seek to provide homes that reflect our clients personalities/ styles. Head to our design look books for more inspiration!

Come tour:

We have two grandmillennial inspired model homes, each uniquely designed with these elemnets in mind. Check out our Parks of Aledo Model Home and Reserves at Trinity Model Home for inspiration.