The early 1900’s took the world by storm when subway tile made its debut. What started as a simple way to line New York’s subway system became an eye catching opportunity for individuals to creatively cultivate a backsplash that was timeless and clean. 

These 3” x 6” pieces of tile are infamous for their durability, but their greatest advantage would be the easy-to-clean material.

Since its inception in the 20th century, subway tile has found its place as the “go-to” backsplash for kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

We love subway tile for many reasons. Aside from its rich history, it allows homeowners free range in decorating these spaces to their unique style. Keeping that space light and bright allows you to be as adventurous as possible throughout the rest of the room.

New Spin off an Old Classic:

Do you find your style somewhere between transitional and contemporary? Well, beveled subway tile may be just right for you! It’s perfect for both kitchen and bathroom designs, adding just a detail of enhancement to the already timeless piece. The beveled tile just proves the nearly limitless options on making your home a classic.

Don’t Stop There:

So the beveled tile may be a lot for you… we have the perfect tip to change up your style. Consider the pattern. For a more modern look, consider a simple grid/stacked pattern. For the effortlessness you’re used to seeing, bricklay may be just right for you. But, the most unique pattern of all would be the spunky herringbone pattern that steals the show. Determining how to lay your subway tile could be the most defining factor of your home!

Last, But Not Least:

Colored Subway tile may be the answer to your style needs. From grays, beiges, taupes & black, you have the opportunity to set the tone of each space. Changing your variation in color could re-define the style of your home in the most simple way. These colors not only create depth to the space, but they also accentuate the layers you’ll create with your home decor. 

Things to Know:

  • Typically subway tile will be placed in a bricklay pattern, but we love adding detail to some places by installing in a herringbone pattern 

  • Subway tile has the ability to make a new space ‘aged’ in the most nostalgic way 

  • Subway tile pattern avoids visibly awkward cuts 

  • Subway tile will always sit straight and flat 

  • Subway tile allows you to have more freedom with grout 

All in all we love Subway Tile. Its durability and classic style will make the rooms in your home effortlessly timeless!