Selecting each and every finish throughout your custom home can feel like a lot of pressure. Luckily, the design experts at Clarity Homes are always here to help. Metal finishes can be found throughout your home, from bathrooms to mudrooms to the kitchen. With a new “Golden Age” in home decor, you may find yourself seeking out a gold finish but unsure which shade you should choose. In this post, we’ll share our favorite modern gold finish, Champagne Bronze, discuss how to choose a finish and help you match your finish to your design aesthetic. 

What to know about choosing metal finishes

  • You probably plan to live in your house for many years, so choose a metal finish that can be versatile, and stand the test of time. Rather than traditional stainless steel, Champagne bronze is a great alternative. This shade works with both warm and cool tones. As your style changes, a modern gold finish will only complement it.  
  • Consider how challenging it might be to maintain the metal finish you choose. For example, some finishes show stains or fingerprints more easily.  Luckily, champagne bronze is easy to maintain. Because gold finishes naturally shine – even if brushed or matte-finished – the finish is naturally spot resistant. This makes cleaning your bathroom a breeze!
  • Seek out trusted professionals for guidance on what metal finishes will look best in your home and with your preferred design style. From rustic to traditional to modern, a design pro like our Clarity Homes team can help you choose finishes and other elements of your home. 

Using champagne bronze in your Clarity home

  • We recommend Delta for champagne bronze faucets in your home. For lighting fixtures in champagne bronze, our design team recommends Savoy House. 
  • To match your unique design style, take a careful look at the designer’s collection. For example, Delta’s Trinsic Collection has a minimalist look that suits modern aesthetics, while the Cassidy Collection has extra detailing for a more traditional look. 
  • Among our clients, champagne bronze is the top metal finish throughout the home. Whether it is the Cassidy Pull Down Faucet in the kitchen, or the Trinsic faucets in the bathroom, or custom light fixtures throughout the home, champagne bronze adds an upgraded feeling.

Whether you choose champagne bronze or another modern gold option, explore your finish options with our experts at Clarity Homes. With many options for faucets, drawer pulls, lighting and more, you can find something that goes with your style and expresses simple elegance. 

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