Few design choices can impact your home as significantly as your flooring decision. After you move forward with wood or tile, the perfect area rug can add an extra dimension to any room. Adding warmth, variety in texture and complimentary colors to your walls or furniture, rugs subtly transform your design aesthetic. Additionally, an area rug is a great option for families who need durable and child-friendly flooring solutions.

Below, we offer three thoughts to guide you on your search.

Make a durable rug pick

  • Simply put, a rug not made for your lifestyle won’t last. We recommend considering durability in addition to how visually pleasing the area rug may be. This One King’s Lane article provides some guidance on how to choose your rug materials. 
  • Fibers like wool, jute and other synthetics are great for high-traffic areas, while fabrics like silk and animal skin make impressive statements in low-traffic areas. 

Choose the right size rug for your space

  • Before purchasing your rug, measure the space where it will live. Consider the furniture that will be in the room. Starting with these simple, common sense steps will help you avoid returns. 
  • Interior design experts recommend choosing a rug that is at least 6 inches wider than your sofa on both sides. You can choose to either have all of your sofa’s legs on the rug or only the front legs. 
  • If you decide to have the full couch on the rug, try to keep an 8 inch perimeter. This will craft the spacious, luxurious look you desire. 

Consider layering rugs

  • Can’t choose just one rug for your space? Think about layering two rugs to add additional texture and combine complimentary colors. 
  • Start by layering one solid and one patterned piece. You could also use one larger rug with a rug that is too small for your space. Additionally, don’t be afraid to layer a rug over your existing carpet!

Rugs are a simple, creative way to add more personal style to your home. Keep these tips in mind when considering options and you’ll have no issue finding the perfect choice for your space and your family’s unique needs. 

For help choosing a rug for your home, you can see examples of these rug trends in our lookbooks

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