Coming Soon:

Many of you are just as excited as we are to see the final product of our highly anticipated airstream. We’re one step closer to completing our fancy and innovative model home on wheels. Expect a completion date by the end of October.

Hop on our Struggle Bus:

Our expansion throughout DFW building new homes from Denton, TX south to Godley, TX and more, helped us decide to take advantage of the boundless spirit and opportunity that the airstream would provide. However, our airstream needed some improvements in electrical, plumbing, and paint.

We recently wrote about our DIY struggles in renovating our airstream, but as we handed the project over to the experts we are nearing a completion date. The next step of our renovation process: plumbing…plumbing…plumbing. Get a sneak peak of our model homes’ faucets down below. 


Airstream: What to Expect:

In case you haven’t heard, we are pleased to introduce the Reserves at Trinity, our new homes in Willow Park, TX. This community will be the first to welcome our model home on wheels and offer insight into a mobile world of inspiring colors, textures and patterns.