Your home wouldn’t be complete without the joyful sounds of happy kids. Many families choose to seek out a new home to have room for their growing family to live, work and play – emphasis on the play! As a parent, you’re likely balancing your personal style with the need to keep kids’ areas simple, clean and organized. Read this guide from our designers to get advice on creating stylish yet liveable spaces for your children to enjoy.

Manage the mess

  • In preparation for your little ones coloring the walls, choose a scrubbable paint finish that will allow you to easily clean off any marks.
  • Kids’ spaces can get cluttered easily. Consider storage solutions that keep toys, clothes and other items out of sight, but within easy access for your children. Textures like canvas, felt, or rattan for storage bins can bring some of your home’s style into this space and add interest. 
  • Some furniture can serve multiple purposes. Look for benches and ottomans that double as storage.  

Make space for imagination

  • Whether you have carpet, tile, wood or another type of flooring, adding a rug will bring a fun pop of color to the room, protect the floors from mess, and give kids a soft space to play and roll around on.
  • Offer different levels and spaces for kids to explore, through furniture, toys and other tools. You can even convert part of their closet for play, or build in bunks and stairs for a cozy sleeping arrangement that maximizes space.

Be flexible and low maintenance

  • Your kids’ interests will grow and change as they get older. Using temporary color accents, like removable wallpaper on an accent wall, to allow the room’s design to shift easily. You can also design areas that may be used throughout their life stages, like reading nooks or an art table.
  • Little ones love moving around and changing their space to align with the game or pretend play of the day. Use furniture that’s easy to move, like tables with wheels, floor cushions for seating and small chairs suited for little bodies.
  • Choose neutral tones for furniture if you’d like to make the pieces accommodate the needs and tastes of multiple children as they grow. Also, consider stain removal or protection when choosing your furniture – you’ll never guess what might get spilled next. 

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