Home is where you zoom 

Sure, our home used to be an escape from the stresses of the real world, but now we’re finding ourselves stressed by our very own living rooms. It’s not surprising that many of us are craving a change in scenery, especially when it comes to our interiors. If you’ve found yourself tired of the same surroundings, now may be the time to give our homes a test run. Introducing: Clarity Homes Zoom backgrounds.


Set the scenery of your next business meeting, happy hour or game night with one of our very own Clarity Zoom backgrounds. Don’t hesitate to try them all!

You can find these Clarity approved backgrounds on Facebook in our Clarity Zoom Backgrounds Album.

show your eye for interior details with an entrance that never goes out of style:

Make a statement in this bold & timeless office:

Preview your knack for color with this bright bedroom:

Show your eye for layers with this stunning living room: