Meet Jessica Of Seven6 Realty:

Changing the game in real estate, meet Jessica Rychlik of Seven6 Realty. Selling in and around Fort Worth (the Seven6 as she calls it) has been no small task, but Jessica offers her clients a unique client-focused experience. Seeing each challenge as a new opportunity to earn clients’ trust, Jessica is passionate about serving her clients daily.


Since she can remember, Jessica was passionate about “home”. Growing up drawing floor plans for fun and touring homes with house-hunting friends, she knew real estate was a calling. She currently sells in the Fort Worth area noting the variety of the architecture and land mass. Clients can find anything from sprawling ranches to urban condors to fixer-upper bungalows. 


When describing her dream home, Jessica notes that it would be “filled with my favorites”. Her favorites would be her people, her girls, and her favorite treasures collected through traveling. Jessica knows the priorities that families have in their everyday life and her ability to be in tune with the needs of her clients provides a truly unique experience in the Ft. Worth real estate market. 


Specializing in new home sales in the Fort Worth area, Jessica notes that Clarity Homes is set apart. Jessica notes, “I have never seen a builder marry design and quality as well as Clarity Homes has. I know when I sell a Clarity home, my clients can get an amazing final product without having to spend thousands at the design center. Clarity’s standard options are beautiful and have been carefully selected by designers already!” 


With no day the same, real estate in the Fort Worth area is a joy and honor for Jessica. Helping clients problem solving and working alongside some of her best friends, Jessica knows that with each transaction her story has the potential to change. She cannot imagine doing anything else. 


Jessica Rychlik