Our design teams strike a balance between capturing current trends and creating a classic look that will age beautifully with the home. You can see examples of our many home design styles in our Lookbooks. 

A variety of elements come together to create the overall look and feel of a Clarity Homes build. From one of a kind elevations to the signature brick archway, every design decision is carefully made. One critical element that makes a huge difference is color.

Popular paint companies frequently pick a “color of the year,” and many of the 2022 selections had a lot in common. Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams, October Mist by Benjamin Moore, and Breezeway by Behr all have similar elements that make them great selections to have in a home. Each of them have the power to be neutral while also bringing more visual interest than a more traditional tan, white or grey. While some buyers might be interested in bold accent wall colors, a shade like Breezeway can be used throughout the home.

Color is a powerful design element – it sets the stage of a home and helps determine how you feel in a space. Bold colors can inspire and energize, while soft colors create a peaceful, calming space. We use color in our homes to serve many purposes. Often, light neutral colors are used throughout to allow homeowners to bring the walls to life with their own decor. Bold colors on elements that draw the eye like built-in shelving can bring interest to a room or a kitchen island. Color is also a consideration for aspects like flooring, countertops, and tile.

With years of experience in home design, we have a true passion for pairing color with our other design finishes to create a home that you’ll love and that will have lasting value. For more color inspiration, check out our Lookbooks

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