Meet Sara Drehobl:

She might be in her sixth year as a real estate agent, but she’s still as eager as day one. “I love how no day looks the same, and I always get to feel like I’m serving people in a unique and fun way! Nicknamed the Unicorn of Real Estate by her clients and colleagues, Sara knows a thing or two about the industry. 

A Universe Thing:

“This is my sixth year! Honestly, it must have been a Universe thing… my friend said she was thinking about getting licensed so I said “what the heck,” up and quit my full time HR/Payroll job with no savings, and it was sink or swim. Grateful to continue to swim!”

The Unicorn of Real Estate:

“I am bold, but also incredibly patient and understanding. I have a gift for being able to meet people exactly where they are at and then lead them down the path they want to go… it just so happens that path is usually to their DREAM HOME! You will not leave a transaction with me without a story to tell-there is no doubt about that! They don’t call me the Unicorn of Real Estate for no reason.”

Sara’s Take on Clarity Homes & DFW:

“I remember walking into the model at Parks of Aledo and being blow away not only by the product but the on point salesperson! Everything about Clarity SCREAMS luxury, and I love being able to partner my Clients with them knowing they are always going to get an A+ experience!.”

“I love how diverse each city can be! We have the best of all the worlds right here; food, drinks, entertainment venues, and my personal summertime favorite… a ton of lakes!”

Design, Design, Design:

Sara’s favorite part of the process is the Design Center! “I think it is so incredibly fun watching my Buyer’s vision come to life with every last detail they select!”

Sara’s 3 tips for first time “dream home” buyers:

1. “Work with an Agent for sure, but in that, work with an Agent that you love. This is a long process and you want someone to share your excitement through all the times it feels like it is taking FOREVER!”

2. “If you are married or purchasing with another party, give yourselves a 10 item “must have” list each! Honor those items for each other and then if there is money in the budget add from there! It is important everyone gets a say in this exciting process! If you can’t come up with 10 each I will help you!”

3. “Go with your gut! How does it make you feel? You should totally feel “nervicited” which is a new word a friend taught me last weekend, and it is perfectly fine to be nervous and excited at the same time! You’ve worked hard to get here, now go enjoy it!”