New Homes in DFW:

Clarity Homes, a company that pushes the envelope on innovative design, while built on tradition, is expanding its reach in DFW. With a mission of providing affordable luxury homes that honor clients budgets, Clarity Homes is giving the people what they have been asking for: expansion. Heading into 2019, you can expect to find Clarity Homes building not only in Fort Worth, TX but dynamic communities throughout DFW. Communities are located in Justin, Benbrook, Westworth Village, Aledo, Willow Park, and Denton.


Life Simplified. Designing homes that are energy efficient with built in value, the expert team of designers and builders ensure each home reflects the lifestyle of each client. Building what is right for each homeowner is priority for the team at Clarity.


Clients who call a Clarity home their own are given access to  the forefront of smart technologies. With the ability to automate their lifestyle, clients are not only saving money but also bettering our planet.


Optimizing one’s well being is a built in luxury for those that call Clarity home. Clarity Homes builds modern designs for connection in active, organic-minded communities.


Passionately providing effective ways to design and build homes that speak to the unique lifestyle of each client remains the guiding principle at Clarity Homes.


Click the link below to explore each community and find out what is right for you!