Simple Hosting

 Let’s be honest, dinner parties can be intimidating and seem overwhelming, but on the other hand, are so worth it full of memories! Inviting friends over for a get-together is an amazing way to show some love to your friends and family. Everyone wants to throw the dinner party that will be talked about for weeks and weeks. Here’s the thing: Hospitality is simple. At Clarity Homes, we are all about keeping it simple and enjoying the things that matter most. 

As Simple as 1-2-3

There is no need for a nervous breakdown!

It’s about welcoming guests warmly and generously! With a few simple tips, we will have you hosting every weekend!

Here are 4 tips to fun, stress-free hosting that will leave your guests feeling revived, renewed, and energized by the experience whether in a new home in Skyline Ranch or Point Vista…or in an apartment in Grapevine, TX!

1. Set the Vibe

Pump up some tunes (not too loud, people can’t hear each other!). Then, light a candle and create a little mood lighting! Be sure to focus on comfort and these subtle details will make your guests feel intimate and cozy. Whether in a new Clarity Homes kitchen designed for hosting or at a lakehouse on LBJ, its about setting a vibe that encourages connection.

2.Authenticity is key

Remember, friends like to simply be together- connecting and sharing. So, don’t stress- be flexible. Don’t get wrapped up in a timeline creating unnecessary stress for both you and your guests. While it is important to have activities planned in case there is a lull in the evening, don’t force it. Natural conversation will take place and you don’t want to miss out on those opportunities. Allow the entertainment to occur organically and the event will be special for all. Once people, arrive, enjoy the party. Kick back and relax! Be present.

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3. Love the Details

Make sure the butter is soft and the drinks are chilled. Sprinkle some sunflower seeds in the salad. Place cute paper straws in the glasses or set a bouquet of flowers on the table. These personal little details add a nice touch to the evening and your inner-hostess will shine through. 

3. Bon appetiT

Everyone loves food. It can be overwhelming to set a menu that everyone will enjoy (Ever tried to watch your mom come up with the Thanksgiving menu?). Think less stress and more simple, delicious meals. Remember you are going for comfort, so cook a recipe you are familiar with. If that means cooking pasta with a sauce straight out of a jar, that is fine. Your guests are just excited to be invited into your home and share a meal with you.