After many years of white, minimalist walls being on trend, many homeowners are again considering the luxurious patterns, colors and textures of wallpaper. With fresh new designs and uses, you can find a wallpaper that fits almost any design aesthetic and feels authentically you. Wallpaper can also be used beyond traditional uses and spaces to add visual interest, make a bold statement or express your unique personal style.

If you are ready to consider incorporating wallpaper into your home, consider these creative ways to use it throughout your space.

Starting with the basics 

  • While many homeowners choose to apply wallpaper themselves, it always helps to consult with a design expert. Interior designers or decorators can help you choose what works with your home and personal style, and help you with installation. 
  • Investing in wallpaper is a bigger commitment than choosing a paint color, so think carefully about what you select. Pick a color, pattern or texture that matches your use for the room and your aesthetic. 

Try textured wallpaper

  • You don’t have to commit to a large-format pattern or bright color to decorate with wallpaper. Using textured options in muted colors is a simple but interesting way to adorn your walls. 
  • Pin your wallpaper samples to the walls you’re considering covering. This will allow you to imagine your space before committing. 

Create an accent wall 

  • If you aren’t ready to commit to a room of wallpaper, give an accent wall a try. One wall with a wallpaper covering can add simple elegance to a space like a home office or bedroom. 
  • Consider your existing furniture and decor when you select which wall to accent, and which style and color of wallpaper to purchase. You’ll want to avoid patterns or colors that might contrast with your existing pieces. 

Think outside the box 

  • You can also use wallpaper to accent smaller areas than an entire wall.  With a pencil, scissors and a creative eye, you can transform a small cut of wallpaper into a decorative faux headboard. If you have one roll with a large format design, you could frame a section of that paper to create a piece of statement art
  • Take a look at smaller rooms in your home and consider if wallpaper could make a big impact. Powder rooms, mudrooms, and even small hallways are great spaces to add color or an eye catching pattern with wallpaper. 
  • Don’t forget to look up! The ceiling is another area that can turn into a dramatic statement piece for your home with a bold wallpaper. 

As you can see, using wallpaper in unique ways can add accessible luxury and style to your home. If you are seeking inspiration for your wallpaper choices, view our lookbooks to see how our designers have styled local homes. 

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